A True Lifestyle Brand

 Why we love what we do

Built to uplift, and created to empower. Godi serves as a "light" reminder. Godi was created to inspire us through knowledge of first self-love and the power behind human kindness. Our slogan "It's in You" serves a powerful message aimed at changing the world one random act of kindness at a time. Godi is a band that is way more than just a brand, it is a true lifestyle brand created to inspire. So come along with us and embark on this journey full of positive changes, endless possibilities, peace and prosperity.









Godi is a unique and ingenious clothing line embracing individuality and love for self. Our vision is to create a custom clothing line where every piece is limited to keep from saturation. In a commitment to this, every season has been stocked with a limited quantity of product. Godi plans on growing with the community by creating a positive, and encouraging brand that promotes the build. We want to thank our supporters for believing in the brand and supporting our message. God is love!



Tenisha Mitchell